Easy RSS Content Generator

Easy RSS Content Generator 2.2

Generate content based on RSS feeds and key words


  • Very easy to use
  • Automatically generates content for your site
  • Clean interface


  • Requires some FTP knowledge to specify publishing parameters

Not bad

The best thing about this program is that it's very easy to use if you're not familiar with RSS hence the name "Easy RSS Content Generator". It enables you to easily create unique content out of news feeds namely RSS, Atom, and RDF formats. You can use it to create completely autonomous, automatically updated sites, to increase the amount of content on a certain topic, and earn money with programs such as Adsense. This is great if you want to keep a website updated but don't have the time.

To make things simple, Easy RSS Content Generator has a built-in FTP client and an automatic word replacement dictionary that allows you to increase the uniqueness of the created pages, and a built-in tool for prompting keywords. You can use it to quickly search for RSS feeds and add them to your list. To get started, simply specify several RSS sources, some keywords and select one of the built-in templates that will be used to create content. If you want the program to automatically upload the created HTML pages to your server, you merely have to specify the parameters of the FTP client. This program really does to take the pain out of automated RSS content publishing.

Easy RSS Content Generator is an easy-to-use program for creating new and unique content out of news feeds.

You can use it to quickly search for RSS feeds and add them in a few clicks. No special knowledge is required, and it's designed with beginners in mind.

Easy RSS Content Generator


Easy RSS Content Generator 2.2

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